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GDPR Services

The GDPR will become law on 25th May 2018 and if you haven’t already started to address your compliance position, the time is now. Also, becoming compliant is just the start of the journey and shouldn’t be seen as a tick box exercise. There is an expectation from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) that the principles in the GDPR and your companies approach to data privacy should be at the heart of your organisation. They have been very clear on accountability within an organisation and that a culture of privacy should be embedded throughout your organisation.

Fortis Greene can help you with your GDPR journey. We have in-house and qualified GDPR Practitioners, plus years of experience in the IT space dealing with risk, cyber security and delivery. We have developed a GDPR Assessment tool which will help you to plan your route to compliance with recommendations as to how to achieve this.

We also offer a free 1 hour no obligation service with one of our GDPR Practitioners should you want to discuss any GDPR related questions or concerns. Please look at the services on offer and see how Fortis Greene can help you.

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Compliance Support

The journey to compliance and the ongoing process of ensuring your organisation remains within the law will be different for every company.

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Awareness Sessions

Our awareness course covers the key elements of the GDPR, what this means operationally to organisations and how to deal with the changes to individual’s rights.

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Cyber Security

Regardless of the introduction of the GDPR it is clear that cyber security is currently one of the top concerns for all business owners.

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