BioDigitalPC® Technology

Imagine a world where you no longer needed to provide cooling for your server estate.  Or a world where you could reclaim the floor space and power requirements of up to 8 fully kitted out racks to just 1 single rack.  Or even a world where you could take your data centre/server room to work with you in a hand luggage sized case.  Or a world where you carried your desktop/laptop device around with you in your wallet or purse.  Welcome to BioDigitalPC® Technology.

It all starts with the BioDigitalPC® which is a credit card sized computing platform that has quad core CPU, up to 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage and yet consumes 90% less power than comparable systems and requires no cooling.

BioDigitalPC® 9

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Credit card sized PC with quad core CPU, up to 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage that you can carry anywhere and when plugged in gives you a fully functioning desktop device.

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This product houses an integrated Cisco router, RAID controller card and with slots for up to 8 BioDigitalPC® cards you have 32 CPUs, 64GB RAM and up to 4TB worth of storage.

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This product is the MDC8s big brother. It has slots for 22 BioDigitalPC® cards meaning you can scale up to 88 CPUs, 176GB RAM and 2.8TB worth of storage with the option to move to 12TB.

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the product fits into a standard 2U rack and can house up to a massive 90 BioDigitalPC® cards that provide 360 CPUs, 720GB RAM and 11.5TB of storage.

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Drivers For The Technology

Data Centre’s are consuming between 3-4% of the worlds energy supply and statistics show this is on the rise, driven in part by the rapid rise in use of social media and the adoption of cloud computing.  The technology industry is being forced to consider the impact to the environment and plans are in place to operate an “open book” scheme where data centre operators would be obliged to provide detailed data on their energy use.

BioDigitalPC® technology requires 5-10 watts per card, meaning that a fully loaded SR-90 with 90 servers housed in a 2U rack space can run off the equivalent of 20 x 100 watt lightbulbs and requires absolutely no cooling.

Many organisations still house onsite server rooms in their office buildings and this takes up valuable space (usually at premium costs) and can also cause significant problems when the company grows, with either no room for more people or no room in the server room to grow their infrastructure.  BioDigitalPC® technology can replace server room infrastructure with products that can comfortable sit on top of a desk in the office or even mounted to a wall.

Gartner predicts that 50% of all enterprises will deploy a hybrid cloud solution by 2018 and whilst this holds true there is still a reluctance for many companies to outsource their most valuable asset – their data – to the cloud.  Even with a hybrid cloud solution many companies would still be left with an oversized and underutilised server room and infrastructure at their office.

BioDigitalPC® technology integrates perfectly with a cloud solution, allowing clients to keep their sensitive data on site and at the same time removing the need for local server rooms.

The more digital the world becomes the demand for access, collaboration and use of IT services and data at “away” sites from HQ is greater than ever before and will continue to rise.  Often network connectivity at these sites is either not there or is not sufficient to satisfy the demand and there is a need to quickly and easily deploy IT services on site.

BioDigitalPC® technology is truly mobile, meaning you can take your services, applications and data anywhere and can quickly and securely deploy any data centre run services, applications and data to an “away” site.

The majority of organisations replicate their hardware infrastructure at either a company owned secondary data centre or at a 3rd party site, which involves huge investment and maintenance purely in place should Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity need to be invoked.

BioDigitalPC® technology provides a flexible, mobile, secure alternative that doesn’t require the upfront and ongoing investment required with the traditional approach.

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