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Application Packaging Services

Managing your application estate can be a timely and resource intensive task.  If not done correctly it can lead to numerous standardisation and conflict issues – costing time, money and end user frustration.

We have vast experience of packaging for new platform or Windows OS roll-out, remediation of existing PC estates or simply providing additional resources to help you through a period of high demand.

Fortis Greene offer a complete Application Lifecycle solution that will manage your apps from discovery, packaging, test, release and asset management.

We have a packaged thousands of applications delivered for App-V, MSI and thin apps via multiple system management toolsets and these can be delivered in virtual, office based or remote environments.

This solution can be tailored to suit your environment and flexible enough to cater for on or off site service depending on preference and your requirements.

Breakdown of Service:


Learning what apps are required for packaging, how they work and what environment they are being delivered to is essential for successful delivery. We will gather all required information per application and generate migration reports.


Your software will be packaged to your requested format using industry best practices, ensuring they are tailored to your business model and requirement.

Testing and Quality Assurance

All packages will be QA checked by a packaging peer to ensure quality and all standards have been checked, along with the application tested ensure all formats of installation work as intended.


The package and appropriate documentation will be released with the option of deployment where desired. Full Handover and understanding before sign-off is a crucial element of our delivery.

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